Bio Atelier's Minimal-Waste and Sustainable Lifestyle

Today, it’s become clearer than ever that our planet is dying from all the toxic waste which is being created by non-other than us: humans. At Bio Atelier, we’ve made it our responsibility to fulfill our role as global citizens.
We are adopting a minimal-waste policy. Due to the fact that our products are of organic nature, they are prone to having a shorter shelf life as they are not made with any chemicals to make them last longer. To solve this issue, we have decided to use the “Too Good To Go” app. Through this app we are able to sell food products which are nearing their shelf life at a lower price range. We also incorporate the left-over food items into our daily meals at home in order to make sure that nothing goes to waste.

Moreover, due to our great concern for the environment, we try to use as minimal plastic as possible, and whatever plastic is used, is recycled. Our oceans are already polluted enough as it is, and the living organisms found in there are also suffering from this.
We also try to reuse our boxes as much as possible so long as they are in good condition. But we always try to keep things hygienic of course. Reusing is always better than recycling.

In addition to this, we see our customers as our partners on this mission towards minimal-waste and sustainability. After home deliveries, as a customer, you can bring back the box in which your food items were delivered to the store or you could leave it at your front door and we will collect it on our next delivery in order to keep it corona safe.

Also, to support us on this mission, you can find us on “Too good To Go” and order organic products which have neared their shelf life at a much lower price lower. Together we can take concrete steps towards a better lifestyle.

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