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How to Avoid Soggy Zucchini Noodles

Who doesn’t love some good pasta? Meanwhile pasta is extremely delicious and very accessible, it usually comes with a high amount of carbs and not enough protein or nutrients. But there’s nothing to worry about because mother nature has given us natural pasta. Zucchini noodles are a great replacement for pasta, but they can be tricky to prepare. Continue reading to find out how you can avoid soggy zucchini noodles.

- First you want to spiralize the zucchini using a spiralizer, then sprinkle it with a bit of salt and allow it to sit in a colander for 10 minutes.
- To prevent it from being soggy, remove the seedy noodles (these are the strands that come from the centre of the zucchini and are likely to make it soggy.
- After the noodles have drained for a few minutes, stir-fry them for just a minute or two. Make sure they’re not overcooked.
- Now drain any moisture from the pan and pour your tomato sauce or whatever sauce you want to eat it with on top. Enjoy!

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