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6 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Extra virgin olive oil has more essential fatty acids and mineral nutrients. It is produced without the use of high-heated chemicals which makes it less processed. Unrefined olive oil contains monounsaturated fats which are responsible for a great deal of health benefits contrary to polyunsaturated oils which are usually overly processed.


  • Anti-inflammatory properties; Due to high amount of a type of phenol called Oleocanthal in extra virgin olive oil, it is a very good against inflammations. A daily dose of extra-virgin olive oil could help reduce swelling found on any part of your body, similarly to over-the-counter fever relievers like ibuprofen.
  • Good for diabetes; Extra virgin olive oil is very effective at balancing insulin levels. Diabetic patients who have recommended portion of extra virgin olive oil coupled with a balanced meal can see improvements in their blood sugar levels.
  • Helps with heart related problems; It has been proven that the 70% monosaturated fatty acids found in extra virgin olive oil prevents cholesterol from accumulating and blocking the heart arteries. People who consume healthy amounts of extra-virgin olive oil are less likely to suffer from a heart-attack.
  • Good for weight Loss; Although olive oil has fats, extra virgin olive oil is high in mono-saturated fat which is good fat. People who struggle with weight loss can benefit from using this oil.
  • Helps with digestion; Extra-virgin olive oil is very good at aiding with digestion, especially constipation. When constipated, having an eating spoon of olive oil will help ease your bowel movements. Olive oil helps in cleaning the intestines as it helps food to go through more easily.
  • Boosts the metabolism; This is especially true with old people and kids. Kids who consume extra virgin olive oil during their growth process, will grow up to have stronger bones and a better brain development. Old people can also benefit from extra virgin olive oil as it is very high in vitamin E.

The hype around extra virgin olive oil is real. It can actually have some visible positive impacts when taken in responsible doses. Make sure to try out our extra virgin olive oil. It can be found here on our online shop or in-store.





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Photo by Johny Goerend on Unsplash

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