Dear customers, unfortunately for the time being we have decided to pause our webstore. We hope to come back stronger than ever with delicious products, but for the time being online shopping is not an option. We would like to apologise for the inconvenience.

Our Values & Who We Are

At Bio Atelier, our mission is to make nutrient-rich, healthy foods & products accessible to everyone whilst inspiring everyone to eat healthier and be eco-conscious.

We believe in getting to know our customers well, so that we can be committed to bringing the highest quality foods suited to all of our customers needs. We believe food should be exciting, healthy, nourishing & eco-friendly.

After all, all foods were organic once upon a time….

Vision: We care deeply about the world we live in and the people around us. At Bio Atelier, we believe that we can all make small changes in our lives to bring nature back into our homes & bodies whilst also respecting it. Going back to the way it all started, the days before the chemicals and preservatives on our fruits & vegetables. We do our best to offer the highest quality foods and products that we can and making sure our customers can lead the happiest & healthiest lives. Wherever possible, we try to stimulate local trade by offering products that come from Belgium, to support local businesses but also keep our ecological foot-print small. You can take a look at our local products in our local products collection.

Our aim is to build a community where we listen to our customers and learn together. We host workshops at our store to bring individuals together and have discussions about different diets & healthy lifestyles. We love sharing information and put great importance in making sure our customers feel at ease and are able to ask us any questions they might have. The team at Bio Atelier is passionate & committed, each playing a vital role in our little family - making Bio Atelier a special place, focused on creating a lovely experience for our customers.

We believe in full transparency and that it is a crucial factor in supplying the best quality products and building trust. We are happy to share information about matters such as suppliers, producers, the environment, the store or any other topic you would like to discuss. “Recycle, reuse & minimize waste” are words we live by, and we are always thinking about better ways in which we can do our part in protecting the resources of our planet. You can read more about it in our blogposts.

To make the world a better place, we must be the best versions of ourselves– why not start with improving what we put into our bodies?