Dear customers, unfortunately for the time being we have decided to pause our webstore. We hope to come back stronger than ever with delicious products, but for the time being online shopping is not an option. We would like to apologise for the inconvenience.


Biofresh has been existing since 2003 due to the merging of Devahill, Veldboerke and Biofresh. They supply natural and organic food and nonfoods to organic stores, out-of-home stores and stores specializing in natural products. They have a wide range of products ranging from dry products (tea, herb, cereals etc.) and fresh products (cheese, vegetables, fruits etc.) Their logistics system is constantly being ameliorated to deliver the best and freshest products to their collaborators. They place a lot of importance on diversity, this can also be seen in their employee selection. Marma is a family run business. The father of the family founded it over 25 years ago, in the year 1995 to be precise. His three children later on joined the business, each carrying out different responsibilities. They started off with some ecological and organic products, now they have a wide range of ecologic and organic products of over 5000. The business now comprises of over 40 employees who cater to their customer’s needs from delivery, to customer service and so on. Marma strives to provide their collaborators with the best quality products whose value match their price.

Founded in 2001 Terra & Tavola is an Italian organic supplier. They were motivated by three main reasons.
1) The founders realized the importance of providing food which is grown organically and responsibly.

2) Italy is known for cultivating food, which is of the highest quality, but outside of Italy, there seemed to be a need for food products that were less standardised.

3) Lastly, in a society that seems to be more profit oriented and lacks specialisation, they want to be the ones to make a change.

It is for all these reasons that Terra & Tavola was formed 20 years ago. Now they are able to produce organic Italian products in larger quantities and supply to their different collaborators (specialised shops, restaurants and so on).

Vajra is a wholesaler in organic food which was founded in 1982. They don't only deal with organic food, but they also provide organic makeup. They distribute to a variety of caterers, e-commerce businesses, specialty stores, bakeries, restaurants and so on.
Hygiena is named after Hygie, the Greek goddess of health. This name falls in line with all that the company Hygiena encompasses. Hygiena is a Belgian distributor which specialises in providing organic, natural goods and non-goods. They have been existing for over 60 years now, since the year 1995. They export and import their products internationally and they stand by their commitment of providing products of unmatched quality.

Right from its creation in the year 2000, Couleur Nature has always been focused on looking into new ways of providing quality products, preserving our environment and respecting one another. They provide a diverse range of organic products at prices which are quite reasonable. All their collaborators are with them on this mission.

DoBio specialise in processing organic meat into convenience food and ready-to-cook products with the highest quality. They place a lot of importance to the taste of their products and they pay attention to specific needs. In 2005, Koen Gevaert began producing organic meals and items for the healthy food sector and retailers. As of 2009, there is a wide range of organic meat in customer packaging as well as bulk packaging under the leadership of Iwan Dobbelalaere
Le Bon Pain was one of those who were at the beginning of the emergence of the organic food movement. It was founded in 1970 by the Martins family. They take sustainability, healthy living and employee satisfaction very seriously as this can be seen in every aspect of their activities. Today they supply to a wide variety of gourmet restaurants and organic shops.