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Organic vegan almond-based ice cream

Almond Frostick

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This new Almond Frostick is a version of the classic organic ice cream with chocolate and almonds. 100% plant-based, and made from sustainable ingredients. Two different kinds of Italian almonds are used, so the vegan ice cream is both deliciously sweet and at the same time has a real almond kick. The thick crunchy chocolate is Fair Trade, the pinch of sugar comes from cane and rice, and all the ingredients are 100% organic. All of that means the Almond Frost tastes fantastic: a 2.0 vegan version of the classic. An ice cream to enjoy guilt-free.

Ingredients: Water, 25% chocolate couverture* (cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, rice syrup*, cocoa mass*, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin*, vanilla-extract*), 13% ALMOND*, 7% chopped ALMONDS*, Cane sugar*, Rice syrup*, Coconut oil*, Thickener: locust bean gum*, stabiliser: guar gum*

(May contain traces of nuts and milk)

*organically grown/produced

Nutrition per 100g:

Energy  1287kJ/309 kcal
Fat 21.4 grams
Of Which Saturates 8.6 grams
Carbohydrates 26.0 grams
Of Which Sugars 20.4 grams
Protein 4.3 grams


0.03 grams