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Almond orange chocolate

Almond Orange Chocolate - Vegan

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Orang Utans love iChoc because iChoc does not use palm oil. They especially love this variety because it is so beautifully orange. And you can chew on the roasted almond pieces so well. Your breath will also have a lovely fragrance after you finish the chocolate…

Ingredients: raw cane sugar *, cocoa butter ”. Cocoa mass “, rice drink powder 14% (rice syrup *. Dried), almonds, chopped * 4%, orange granules” 3%. Hazelnut pulp ”, orange oil *, bourbon vanilla extract *. Cocoa: at least 40%.
*organically grown.

PACKAGING WASTE IS ANNOYING! That is why iChoc try to pack their chocolate as ecologically as possible. For a long time they have been using a natural film alternative that looks like plastic, but is made from sustainably obtained wood fibre. Under optimal conditions, the film can even be home-composted within 50 days. The outer cardboard box is made of wood from sustainable forestry and printed exclusively with mineral oil-free printing inks.

80 grams