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Bajiao® is a superior Pu-erh tea from China with star anise and rosemary, and is Organically Certified. It is recommended in the event of difficult digestion, particularly following a large meal or if feeling bloated.

Pu-erh, a thousand year-old tea

Pu-erh tea is a post-fermented tea, recognised for centuries by traditional Chinese medicine as aiding and easing digestion. The polyphenols contained in Pu-erh tea reduce the intestine's absorption of fats.

Star Anise – a spice with numerous beneficial properties

"Ba Jiao" means "star anise" in Mandarin. This tea gets its name, therefore, from Chinese star anise, a star-shaped spice highly prized in gastronomy. It offers benefits that have long been recognised by traditional Chinese medicine. Star anise actually contains essential oils which soothe the intestines and combat bloating.


Rosemary completes this clever concoction with its beneficial effect on the liver since it increases bile production, which is essential for healthy digestion. It also acts in the intestine by reducing muscle contractions, which can be very painful in cases of poor digestion.

The TeaPlus® process

Bajiao® tea has been created with the original enrichment process, TeaPlus® Expertise, which is a unique process that concentrates and binds the active ingredients of plant extracts directly onto tea leaves. These are released during infusion to produce a highly effective beverage. Bajiao tea also possesses a concentration of active elements that is 10 to 20 times greater than that contained in a conventional infusion of medicinal plants.

Bajiao® tea is packaged in Pagode sachets. Transparent and pyramidal in shape, they ensure that the tea leaves are fully utilised during infusion.

Tea in Pagode Sachets - Box of 30 teabags - 45g