Bone Broth Protein with Collagen

Bone Broth Protein with Collagen

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Organic Bone broth from Mattisson
Protein with collagen 

What is bone broth?

In the past, almost everyone was given broth to drink when you were sick. This is because broth contains a lot of healthy substances to strengthen the immune system. Nowadays, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, few people really make broth as it used to be. A stock cube is often used. Fine, but it does not contain the nutritional values ​​of freshly drawn broth. The Organic Beef Bone Broth is drawn from the meaty bones of grass-fed cattle, which is then dehydrated, leaving a concentrated protein powder containing amino acids, collagen, vitamins and minerals. Ideal as a basic stock powder with the power of a freshly drawn stock, but ready in no time.

Ingredients: 99% Beef Bone Broth Powder*, 1% Sunflower Lecithin*.


Nutritional value per 100 g

Energy 1763 kJ / 413 kcal
Fat 3.7 g
of which saturated 1 g
Carbohydrates 0.2 g
of which sugars 0.01g
Fiber <0 g
Protein 94.1g
salt 1.73 g
Potassium 254mg 13%*
Iron 5mg 36%*
Collagen 80g
Alanine 8.7 g
arginine 7.4 g
Acid Asparagine 6 g
cysteine <0.1g
Acid glutamic 11 g
Glycine 20 g
Histidine 1.1 g
Hydroxyproline 10.1 g
isoleucine 1.7 g
Leucine 3.7 g
Lysine 3.8 g
methionine 0.9 g
Phenylalanine 2.3 g
Proline 12 g
serine 3.4 g
Threonine 2.1 g
Tryptophan 0.36 g
Tyrosine 1.3g
valine 3 g

* % RI: Reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ/2000 kcal)