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elderflower drink

Elderflower Drink

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Pajottenlander elderflower drink has a light yellow colour.
The taste is typically elderflower, nicely sweet, with a divine aroma.

Only the white umbels of the flowers are used. Once they are ripe, they are gathered carefully. The appropriate time for gathering depends on the moment of the day and the weather conditions. In this way, a maximum of aromatic substances and essential oils are preserved.
Immediately after being gathered, the flowers are macerated during a whole day in springwater, then filtered and bottled.

Elderflower stimulates the immune system.

Served chilled, elderflower drink Pajo is a thirst-quenching refreshing drink for summertime.

 It is very easy to make elderflower syrup yourself, see section recipes.

Ingredients: Elderflower extract 3 %, agave syrup 7 %, lemon juice 5 %, water 85 %