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Galanga aromaflor

Galanga Powder

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Galangal belongs to the same family of plants as ginger. It is widely known in Asia and is the object of a traditional use to stimulate the digestive system.
Powdered rhizomes (Indonesia)

For digestive comfort

Preparation tips :

Infusion: For flowers, leaves, berries and seeds, infuse 3 to 5 g per ½ L of water for ± 10 min.

Decoction: For the roots, 5 to 8 g per 1/2 L of water to keep boiling for ± 20 min. 

In order to make the most of the purity of Aromaflor plants, always favor mineral water in your preparations.

Conservation: Protected from heat and humidity.


Food supplements are not drugs and cannot substitute for medical treatment. They cannot be substituted for a consultation with a doctor or a therapist that it is your responsibility to contact for your follow-up.