gluten free bread

Glutenvrij Meergranen brood "Mehrkorn" - Schär

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The high-fibre Schär Meisterbäckers Mehrkorn tastes great for breakfast or as a snack. This sourdough bread is refined with millet, quinoa, linseed and sunflower seeds. Made from gluten and lactose free ingredients and without any preservatives.

Ingredients: Corn starchwatersourdough (rice flour, water) 12%rice starch, cereals 4.4% (millet flour 2.6%, quinoa flour 1.7%)vegetable fibre (psyllium)sugar beet syruprice syrupSunflower seed oilsoy flakes 2.1%sunflower seeds 2.1%soy bran 1.9% linseed 1.9%thickener: hydroxypropylmethyl celluloseMillet flakes 1.4%soy proteinyeast, sea salthoney. May contain traces of lupine LACTOSE-FREE 


**not bio