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Organic ground coffee

Gourmet Ground

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Fine Arabicas with a strong aroma are united in this hearty coffee with a bit more pithiness than the other blends.

Aroma: A pleasing and very pure 'nose', with a good degree of intensity. An unpretentious and finely balanced aroma with a hint of toasted bread. A safe, intimate and appealing fragrance.

Flavour: Initially, it makes its presence felt only subtly, but little by little it comes to the foreground, with a pleasing taste of toast, supplemented by the spiciness of cardamom. The tangy bitterness of the middle contrasts nicely with the smoothness of the attack. A straightforward, uninhibited blend but with a power, fullness and aftertaste that are well above average. Simple and full of flavour, with no fuss and bother.

Ground Coffee