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Halloumi Kaas om te grillen - Züger

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Expiry date: 10/10/2022

Züger Biologische Halloumi Kaas om te grillen

Zachte kaas van koeien en geitenmelk, gepasteuriseerd met pepermunt, driekwart vet.

Ingrediënten: koe melk*, geiten melk 4,8%, zout, pepermunt* 0,1%, voedingszuur: citroënzuur, microbieel stremsel. *Ui gecontroleerd biologische landbouw 

200 grammen


Soft cheese from pasteurised milk with peppermint, three-quarter fat. 

The Züger Bio Halloumi is characterised by the fact that it squeaks significantly less than the conventional Halloumi. Furthermore it contains less salt.

Ingredients: Organic milk, salt, peppermint 0.1%, acidifier: citric acid

Average nutrient content per 100g:

Energy 1233 kJ / 296 kcal
Fat 21.0 g
Thereof saturated fatty acids 14.0 g
Carbohydrate 2.4 g
Thereof sugar 2.4 g
Protein  24.0 g
Salt 2.5 g