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Hazelnootpasta Wit - Nocciolata

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Nocciolata Bianca is an organic spread made with hazelnuts and milk. Nocciolata Bianca contains 30% hazelnuts (first ingredient), milk and cocoa butter, and less sugar than the average hazelnut spread on the market. It was created in 2018, to meet the needs of the modern consumer: all the flavor and less sugar, for a natural snack! It's 100% organic, with no palm oil, and is gluten-free.    

Average nutritional value per 34grams:

ENERGY KJ / KCAL pack 2234/535
Fat 32.0g
Of which saturates 5.0g
Carbohydrates 46.0g
of which sugars 34.0g
Proteins 13.0g
Fibres 4.1g
Salt 0.19g