la dolce vita

La Dolce Vita Soup - Butternut & Pumpkin & Cinnamon

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The subtle blend of butternut and gingerbread for this deliciously original Dolce Vita soup: a promise of pleasure and well-being! Dolce Vita soup is part of the range of exotic soups for winter 2019 - 2020. A comforting and warm soup to counter seasonal temperatures.

Ingredients: pure water from Haut-Languedoc regional park, butternut squash * (34% | orig. France), pumpkin * (11% | orig. France), carrots * (orig. France), onions *, sheep cream * (milk (orig. Sud-Ouest), Guérande salt certified Nature & Progrès, garlic *, cinnamon *, anise *, ginger *, coriander *, cardamom *, clove *, pepper *.

* ingredients from organic farming

500ml or 1L