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Choco madeleines

Madeleines Choco

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Organic gluten-free Madeleine with carefully selected ingredients: free-range eggs, dark chocolate and almonds.

Ingredients: eggs * 27% dark chocolate * 15% (cocoa mass *, sugar *, cocoa butter *) sunflower seed oil semi-complete rice flour cane sugar inulin (agave) tapioca starch chocolate chips * 6.5% (cocoa mass *, sugar *, cocoa butter *) almond flour 3.4% lean cocoa powder honey baking powders: sodium carbonate, calcium phosphate emulsifier: sunflower lecithin * sea ​​salt thickener: guar gum * * Ingredients from organic farming. May contain traces of other nuts (hazelnuts).

Nutritional value per 100g:

Energy 1824 kJ/439 kcal
26 g
of which saturates 6.9 g
carbohydrates 36 g
with sugar 21 g
fibres 13 g
protein 7.4 g
salt g