rooibos to promote sleep
rooibos to promote sleep

Nuïlong Rooibos - Thés De La Pagode

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This Rooibos was voted Best Organic Product of 2017 by a panel of 100 Organic consumers.

Nuïlong is a delicious Rooibos from South Africa, enhanced with Hops, Hawthorn Blossoms and Bitter Orange, all certified as sourced from Organic Farming. It is recommended for insomnia problems such as difficulties falling asleep or frequent waking during the night.


The national drink of South Africa, Rooibos is a theine-free herbal tea obtained from a bush of a member of the acacia family, growing exclusively in the Cederberg Valley. This rich coppery red herbal tea has a slightly spicy flavour. Completely theine-free, it can be enjoyed at any time of day and even in the evening.

Hops & Hawthorn

Carefully selected for their sedative properties, Hops and Hawthorn blossoms both contain substances with relaxing properties identified in numerous studies. By promoting relaxation, they therefore facilitate sleep.

Bitter Orange Blossom

Bitter Orange Blossom also helps to promote sound sleep thanks to its essential oil with stress-relieving properties. It is effective in the treatment of anxiety and insomnia.

The TeaPlus® process

Rooibos Nuïlong® was created using the original enrichment process, TeaPlus Expertise®, which is a unique process that concentrates and binds the active ingredients of plant extracts directly to Rooibos leaves. The latter are released during infusion to produce a highly effective tea. Rooibos Sleep Nuïlong also has a concentration of active elements that is 10 to 20 times greater than that contained in a traditional herbal tea produced from medicinal plants.

Rooibos Nuïlong® is packaged in Pagode sachets. Transparent and pyramidal in shape, they allow Rooibos leaves to release all of their essential properties during infusion.

Rooibos in Pagode Sachets - Box of 18 teabags - 27g