Omega 3 Magnum
Omega 3 Magnum

Omega 3 Magnum

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Omega 3 Magnum


Contributes to normal cardiac function

Ref. PF01442 / 90 caps. - 3


Coldwater fish oil

Rich in EPA and DHA, which contribute to good circulation.
DHA is also called cervonic acid.
DHA helps to maintain a normal cholesterol level.
DHA helps maintain good eyesight.

The effect is obtained by daily consumption of 250 mg of DHA.

Informations nutritionnelles par 100 g :
Energie 3063 kJ (742 kcal)
Graisses 71g
- saturated 21g
- monounsaturated 18g
- polyunsaturated  32g
Glucides 6,43 g
- sucres 0 g
Proteines 15 g
Sel 0 g