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Omega 3 Magnum

Omega 3 Magnum

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Omega 3 Magnum


Contributes to normal cardiac function

140 capsules


Coldwater fish oil

Rich in EPA and DHA, which contribute to good circulation.
DHA is also called cervonic acid.
DHA helps to maintain a normal cholesterol level.
DHA helps maintain good eyesight.

The effect is obtained by daily consumption of 250 mg of DHA.

Informations nutritionnelles par 100 g :
Energie 3190 kJ (773 kcal)

Graisses 75g
- saturated 5g
- monounsaturated 57g
- polyunsaturated  12g
Glucides 6,4 g
- sucres 0 g
Proteines 15 g
Sel 0 g

2 capsules:
Fish oil 1500mg (EPA 420mg + DHA 280mg)