De Paddestoel organic and vegetarian spinach burger

Spinazieburger - De Paddestoel

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Vegetarian burger from De Paddestoel with 43% spinach. This vegetarian burger alternative is perfect for the spinach lovers out there! Not only do you get the protein from the spinach, but it also contains many other nutrients and you get an absolutely delicious burger patty out of it- all without meat! 

Ingredients: Spinach* 43%, breadcrumbs (WHEAT)*, palm oil*, potato flakes (SOYA)*, WHEAT flour*, maize starch*, rice flour*, WHEAT starch*, whey powder (MILK)*, MILK powder*, protein powder*, sunflower oil*, fine sea salt, spices*, yeast extract*, thickener: guar gum*, * = Organic

Nutritional value per 100grams:

Energy 1116 kJ/ 267 kcal
Fat 11.6 grams
Fat saturated 5.8 grams
Carbohydrates 27.7 grams
sugars 2.9 grams
Egg white 4.8 grams
Salty 1.3 grams