Popcorn - Paprika

Popcorn - Paprika

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Once a year the full moon illuminates a hidden canyon deep down in El Paso, Texas, where goofy geckos and singing lizards live. That is the place the Moonpop crew risk their lives to harvest the tastiest and rarest peppers that give Moonpop its unique and delicious taste.

Ingredients: corn* 65%, coconut oil* 16%, cane sugar*, BBQ powder* (corn flour*, salt, paprika*, onion*, garlic*, ginger*, yeast extract, smoked salt, white pepper*, cumin*, sunflower oil*, cayenne pepper*) paprika* 3,5%, sea salt 1,3%.

*Organic origin

Nutritional values per 100grams:

Energy 1906kJ/456kcal
Fat 20g
of which saturates 16g
Carbohydrates 54g
of which sugars 11g
Fiber 11g
Protein 8,7g
Salt 2,3g

75 grams

Organic / Vegan / Gluten-free / Made with coconut oil