Fusilli Rode Linzen - Probios

Fusilli Rode Linzen - Probios

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Probios offers a totally organic and guaranteed gluten-free novelty, ideal for the celiac diet and for those who wish to vary their meal with a new taste: the first fusilli 100% red lentils guaranteed gluten-free, vegan and produced in Italy. All the wisdom of the Italian pasta makers for this specialty, a source of fiber. This product is high in protein. Protein contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass. Try also homemade 100% chickpeas and 100% black beans striped celery.

Ingredients: * red lentil flour. *biological.

Average nutritional value:

For 100g
ENERGY KJ / KCAL 1412/334
Fat 1.7
Carbohydrates 50
of which sugars 1.2
Proteins 26
Fibers 7.6