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respiration herbal tea
respiration herbal tea

Respiration Herbal Tea

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Zen Breath is a herbal tea that combines 8 ingredients for a fresh and powerful taste and for a beneficial action on the respiratory tract .

From the first sips, this infusion with thyme and ginger helps to clear the nose immediately thanks to its menthol and camphor compounds. Its scent is very fresh thanks to the combination of pennyroyal, ginger, tulsi and eucalyptus. As you drink it, thyme and cardamom bring a warmer aroma. The whole is softened by the spicy and woody notes of Ceylon cinnamon and clove. The evolution in the mouth is very elegant with different notes that are revealed at every moment.

The key ingredient of our Zen Breath infusion is tulsi. Also known as holy basil, it is considered in India as "the Queen of Plants" because of its purifying and soothing properties. It helps clear the bronchi, the nose and soothe the cough.

The 7 other ingredients that make up the Zen Breath infusion are also recognised for their beneficial actions on the respiratory tract:

  • Thyme : antibacterial and antiviral
  • Eucalyptus : expectorant and fluidifying
  • Cardamom : anti-inflammatory and antibacterial
  • Ceylon cinnamon : antiseptic of the oral cavity
  • Clove : antiseptic of the oral cavity
  • Ginger : antimicrobial and toning for the lungs
  • Mint Pouliot : refreshing

This herbal tea with thyme, ginger and cinnamon helps maintain Zen Breath.

Infusion Zen® Infusion won the Best Organic Product 2019 Award from a jury of 100 consumers!

Infusion bio Respiration Zen ® bags pagoda - Box of 18 bags (net weight: 32,4g)