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shoyu soy sauce

Shoyu Soy Sauce - 28% Less Salt

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Shoyu is made of soya and wheat whereas Tamari is a pure soya sauce. Shoyu contains several minerals, proteins and indispensable vitamins. During the long fermentation process, natural enzymes transform the starch, the proteins and the lipids contained in raw soya and wheat into nutrients that are easily absorbed, as they are predigested : amino acids, poly-unsaturated fatty acids, slow carbohydrates. During the fermentation process, a lactic acid is developed that has a beneficial effect on the intestinal flora and on the efficient absorption of nutrients. Sea salt supplies minerals and trace elements. By using the Lima sauces instead of salt, you reduce the amount of salt in your dishes while enhancing their natural taste.

The taste of Shoyu is characterised by a slight touch of alcohol resulting from the fermentation of wheat. That is why it is not very suitable for prolonged heating and should be added at the end of the preparation process, so that it does not lose its flavour. Shoyu is perfect for pickles, in the wok, with rice, with noodles, with sushi, sashimi or steamed vegetables. It is delicious in combination with mirin (rice wine), wasabi ginger or grated daikon.

Ingredients: water, SOYA beans*, WHEAT*, sea salt, alcohol*, vinegar*, acidity regulator: lactic acid, A.oryzae.

*organically grown