solid shampoo for normal hair
solid shampoo for dry hair
solid shampoo for greasy hair
solid shampoo

Solid Shampoo

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All active ingredients of this shampoo are combined on a clay base, without dyes, without parabens, without petroleum derivatives and without synthetic substances. The original formulations are adapted to the four hair types (normal, dry, anti-dandruff and fat).

"Fleur de Shampooing" is not a soap but a real shampoo. With its solid form it only has active substances in concentrated form.

  • Economical: one «Fleur de Shampooing» of 85 g is equivalent to 400 ml of classic liquid shampoo and prevents waste
  • Ecological: no plastic bottle
  • Approved by Cosmébio. Certified by Ecocert.

Instructions for use
You only need to wet your hair, rub it well with the 'Fleur de Shampooing' until there is a lot of foam, then massage the scalp, let it soak in for a while and rinse well. Thanks to the central opening, it can easily be hung on a hook.